When BMW introduced the i3 Sedan yesterday, the very few images shared were all from basically the same angle. Thankfully, the company’s website in China where the EV will be exclusively available now has a dedicated page up and running. We get to see eDrive35L inside and out in official images and screenshots we took from the configurator.

Even though it’s a regional model, the i3 Sedan is important since it’ll go down in history as the first electric 3 Series Sedan. At the same time, it also previews the global 3er LCI coming later this year. We’ve already seen the mildly updated headlights with new DRLs and now we can have a look at the taillights. Actually, there’s not much to see since they look virtually the same.

Perhaps the mid-cycle update for the G20 won’t bring changes to the taillights, which would explain why the M3 Touring has been teased with the current rear lights. Elsewhere, the i3 Sedan adopts an enclosed grille adorned by the “i” logo and blue accents, along with reshaped bumpers. BMW will sell the eDrive35L with 18- and 19-inch wheels, with the bigger ones having a two-tone look.

The rear doors are longer because the i3 Sedan is based on the locally produced 3 Series Li for greater rear legroom. As with the 330e, there’s a charging port on the left-front fender, with the obvious difference being the fuel cap on the other rear-right fender is also for juicing up the battery. Without the enlarged kidney grille, we’re fairly certain many will prefer the look of the i3 over the i4’s.

Stepping inside the cabin, the 3 Series without a combustion engine makes the switch to the iDrive 8. Mirroring the i4, it gets the same side-by-side screens we’re expecting to see on the international 3er LCI. The new setup should be adopted by the entire family, including the revised M3 and the hotly anticipated M3 Touring.

Going on sale in May, the BMW i3 Sedan will be strictly available as the eDrive35L. The company’s Chinese website reveals it will carry a starting price of ¥349,900. That works out to about $55,000 at current exchange rates.

Source: BMW China