Even though a wild M8 was spotted last year at the Nürburgring, BMW’s facelift for the performance coupe came only with subtle changes. The likelihood of a beefier version is slim, but don’t fret as G-Power has got you covered. The German tuner hasn’t used the top-dog M8 for its latest project, let alone the hotter Competition variant. Instead, the M850i served as the basis.

The aftermarket specialist’s thinking is that an amped-up M850i is a wiser purchase than an M8 Competition Coupe. It’s not only cheaper, but it packs an extra punch. Indeed, G-Power takes the twin-turbo V8 engine from its stock output of 530 hp to a massive 670 hp.  In addition, torque is boosted to a mountain-moving 900 Nm (664 lb-ft).

These output figures eclipse even those of the stock M8 Competition and are complemented by a reconfigured speedometer. To match the newly gained muscle, the digital screen now goes all the way up to 330 km/h (205 mph). These gains for the M850i were unlocked by installing a new exhaust with sport downpipes and a custom muffler, along with a remapped engine ECU.

Those willing to settle for less can ask G-Power to tweak the 4.4-liter engine to a lesser 620 hp and 850 Nm (625 lb-ft). Obtaining this output for the M850i costs €1,785 for the custom ECU and another €2,495 for the different software. There’s no word about how much the tuner is charging for the stronger power package.

The M850i Gets Visual Mods To Match The Upgraded V8

Beyond the substantial horsepower and torque hike, the M850i can also be modified to look more aggressive. G-Power offers a new hood made from carbon fiber with ventilation slats for better cooling. The same lightweight material was used at the back for the large wing mounted only on the coupe’s trunk lid.

As a final touch, M850i owners can swap the original wheels with a forged set measuring 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear. These new lightweight shoes available in jet black or other shades come wrapped around in 255/30 front and 295/25 rear tires.

Source: G-Power