Putting quad exhausts on an M Performance car might seem sacrilegious, but brace yourselves, BMW is about to do it. As previously reported, the next-generation X1 is getting an M35i variant that has already been spotted with four exhaust tips. Meanwhile, some folks are thinking ahead by giving the M240i xDrive the same aggressive setup.

British shop Overkill Performance was tasked to give the 2 Series G42 an exhaust layout we’ve learned to associate strictly with full-fat Ms. The speedy coupe was fitted with fairly large tips measuring 100 millimeters (four inches) in diameter. The valve and gasoline particulate filter are still there to avoid any warning lights that might appear on the dashboard.

Too Much Or Just Enough?

We’d argue the end result looks quite close to what the next M2 Competition is expected to have. Even with the valve closed, the M240i sounds a tad louder than stock. As shown in the video, the dual tips on the right side are inactive in Comfort mode when the valve is closed. It’s because the shorter straight-pipe setup on the left side enables a more generous free-flow exhaust gas exit. Doing so improves performance.

Because the standard exhaust finishers are way larger than they need to be on the M240i, there was enough room for Overkill Performance to fit the 100-mm tips without having to cut the rear bumper. Those seem to be the biggest you can possibly fit in that area, unless you want to risk damaging the surrounding area.

Those who want a 2 Series Coupe with quad exhausts from the factory will have to wait for the M2. Prototypes have been caught flaunting a beefier setup at the back, suggesting BMW is prepping a Competition model. Meanwhile, this M240i finished in Brooklyn Grey Metallic will go through additional changes in the coming months.

Source: AUTOID / YouTube