The highly anticipated next-gen 7 Series is on its way, making its debut April 20. When it debuts, it will show off a radically new design language that will be used on all luxury BMWs moving forward. More importantly, it will also bring with it the new BMW i7, the brand’s first-ever electric luxury sedan. Both the standard 7er and the i7 will have a very similar design overall, so as to allow customers to basically just pick their powertrain and not their style.

In this new spy video from Motor1, we get to see the upcoming 7 Series doing some camouflaged testing on the road. However, this time, you actually get to see the headlights through the camo. Not the shape or design of the headlights, mind you, but the actual bulbs themselves, illuminating through the camo.

“Okay, nerd, why is that interesting?” you might ask. It’s interesting because it shows you how they’re going to work. BMW’s new split headlight design is like nothing ever seen on a BMW product before, naturally making fans curious as to how it will look and work. Judging by this video, the upper, slimmer half of the lights seems to be used for very thin daytime running lights. While the lower half seems to be the main beam. Additionally, the upper half, which features two very thin hockey stick-style LEDs, also doubles as the turn signal when in use.

You can sorta see the taillights through the camo as well, when the 7er comes to a stop. However, they just look like thin LED taillights, as the camo covers too much of the design.

We’re jazzed about seeing the 7 Series in just a few weeks. It’s going to be a massively important car for the brand, packed with new tech, luxury, and features. It will be the most radically different 7 Series in history, which will be to fascinating to see.