The aftermarket specialists at Vorsteiner are now ready to reveal more parts from their aero program for the new BMW M3 G80. They released just a few weeks ago a series of front-end parts for the G80 M3, including a redesigned kidney grille. But today, a series of carbon fiber aero parts are added into the mix.

For starters, this BMW M3 G80 stands out with the new VRS Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler which not only gives the car a meaner look, but it also helps with downforce and aerodynamics. Next we have the VRV GTS Carbon Wing Blade with Aluminum Uprights sitting on top of the trunk giving the car a racing-inspired look. That massive wing will help tremendously with downforce on the track.

A redesigned kidney grille

Vorsteiner’s attempt to fix the grille is subtler than we’ve seen from companies like Evolve. Instead of making the grille smaller and adding a new front bumper to make up for it, Vorsteiner keeps the size of the grille but changes the inner bits of it to trick the eye into seeing a smaller, more normal BMW grille.

The new Vorsteiner grille is one piece but visually split into two sections; and upper and a lower. Those sections are bisected by a large horizontal bar, which looks like a bumper bar that you’d typically put a license plate on. Not only does that bisect the grille; which lessens the visual impact of its size, but it also gives the car a more sensible place to put said license plate. It also leaves the bottom section of the grille empty, free of any grille slats, which makes it look more like front bumper air intakes, rather than a grille. The upper section only gets one horizontal grille slat.

Vorsteiner says that you can have that grille for $1,490 while the racing wing will set you back another $2,595. The aluminum uprights are sold separately. Vorsteiner also say that The Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Motorsport grille is fully compatible with both the ACC (active cruise control) and PDC (Park Distance Control) sensors.

We can take a closer look at the BMW M3 G80 aero kit in the photo gallery below: