There really only is one major criticism for the G80 BMW M3 — its grille. Aside from that funky mug, the G80 M3 is almost perfect. It’s brutally fast, more capable than any M3 before it, and a ton of fun to drive. However, there are a lot of enthusiast who won’t even consider it, due to its shocking grille. For those customers, though, Evolve Automotive might have a solution.

Since the debut of the M3, and all of the criticism that followed, Evolve has been working on an entirely new front end, to replace the massive grille with a more traditional one. To do that, they first started with a 3D scan of the front end, with the front bumper and fascia off the car. They were then able use that scan to create a new front fascia and bumper that completely replaces the old grille with a newer, much smaller, much more BMW-like grille.

The new grille is significantly smaller than before but it also flows well with the humps in the hood, which keep it cohesive looking. Ironically, it actually looks a bit too small but that could just be due to the contrast with the stock grille, which is enormous.

At the moment, Evolve only has the 3D rendering of this grille and hasn’t actually made it yet. However, production will start next year, with a prototype coming early 2022. The only real hiccup is the material. To make it out of OEM-style plastic, Evolve would have to invest in tooling that would cost a ton. However, to make it out of carbon fiber would save Evolve some money but it would be much more expensive to the customer. So it will be interesting to see which path Evolve takes. One thing’s for certain, we really want to see what an actual M3 looks like with this new bumper.