BMW’s upcoming X7 LCI facelift just leaked on Instagram, showing off its all-new front end design. We’ve known for some time now that BMW’s high-end luxury models; the X7, 7 Series, and XM; will get a new front end design language that will consist of big kidney grilles and split headlights. However, we’ve never really had the chance to actually see the new design language, without camouflage. Until now.

In this newly leaked photo, we all get our first look at the BMW X7 LCI, completely without camo. It’s an official photos, too, as it looks to be from the X7 LCI’s press release. The big design change is obviously its new split headlights, which are vastly different from any other headlights from any other BMW in history.

This new design consists of two different halves, an upper and a lower. The upper half is slim, with two upside-down hockey stick LEDs that semi-resemble the iconic BMW dual halo design. Judging by how slim the upper halves are, and how small their LEDs are, I’m assuming they’re daytime running lights. The lower half is thicker and larger, likely housing the main beam and high beam lights.

The grille looks to be mostly the same as the pre-LCI X7, though the front bumper is changed, with different air intakes. This specific BMW X7 also seems to have new wheels, which we haven’t seen on any other X7 before.

I’m curious to see the reaction to this new headlight design. I don’t think it’s too bad myself but change isn’t something that die-hard car enthusiasts take to very well, so it will be interesting to see how the fanbase reacts. Hopefully, for BMW’s sake, the reaction is positive, as this new design is going to make its way onto more Bimmers in the coming year, as the BMW 7 Series and production-ready XM will debut with some iteration of these new split headlights.

[Source: Wilco Blok]