A new BMW flagship is on the way, something to represent the very best of what the brand can do, both in terms of luxury and technology. For decades, BMW’s flagship was the 7 Series sedan. Being the most expensive and luxurious BMW, it was the car that first received all of the brands latest tech, before it all trickled down to the rest of BMW’s lineup. While the flagship will still remain a 7 Series of sorts, it’s a bit different this time around. This time, it’s the BMW i7.

Set to debut on April 20, the BMW i7 will be the fully-electric version of the 7 Series. In this new video, we break down much of the i7’s core information, to give you an idea of just how high-tech and feature-packed it will be.

There will be two models offered to start; the BMW i7 eDrive50 and the i7 M70. The latter of which will be the true flagship, as it will pack the most power and performance, as well as come standard with all of the best tech. Both cars will have massive 100 kWh-plus battery packs that will provide around 373 miles of range. Additionally, the i7 M70 could pack up to 650 horsepower, from its dual electric motors. While the eDrive50 model will get a single, rear-mounted motor that will make around 450-500 horsepower.

Additionally, the BMW i7 will get some of the most advanced cabin tech ever fitted to a BMW. For instance, the massive theater screen shown off at CES will be available in the i7, which will provide the ultimate back seat entertainment. Another new features will be automatic power doors. Just like on all Rolls-Royce models, the BMW i7 will have doors that open and close, automatically, with just the push of a button. It’s the first BMW product to offer such doors.

For more information about the BMW i7, check out the video below. The production car will debut on April 20.