For the most part, the BMW M5 CS has received near-unanimous praise. While it doesn’t seem that much better than the standard M5 Competition on paper, the M5 CS has proven to be an exceptional driver’s car and among the greatest driving BMWs of all time. It’s a car that’s so much more than its numbers suggest. However, as a whole, is it actually a better car to buy and own than the standard M5?

In this new video from The Smoking Tire, hosts Matt Farah and Zack Klapman discuss the M5 CS and drive it hard through some of LA’s fantastic canyon roads.

The BMW M5 CS is a car that proves its worth on either twisty roads or a race track. Its incredible handling dynamics prove it deserves its “CS” badge. Few BMWs in history have ever had the sort of steering precision, front end grip, corner exit grip, chassis balance, weight transfer, and incredibly power that the M5 CS has. On a twisty road, it’s simply incredible.

However, TST reckons that the rest of it is a bit too compromised. For instance, they really don’t like the carbon fiber bucket seats. It’s so interesting to hear the drastically different opinions on M’s bucket seats because we love them and so do several other journalists. But some also hate them, as they’re too tight and the thigh bolsters (combined with the crotch divider) make legs very uncomfortable. Additionally, its ride is a bit too stiff around town, which makes it compromised as a daily driver.

When you compare the M5 CS to a car like the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, which is just as fun on a canyon road, even faster in some situations, and more comfortable, you wonder why the M5 CS is so compromised. So is it worth the extra money over the standard M5? Watch the video to find out.