Few enthusiasts are excited about the idea of the next-gen BMW X1. I, for one, am excited, though. I like the BMW X1 and think it’s an excellent family car for BMW enthusiasts. Not only does it look good but it has a great cabin, a comfy ride, plenty of space, and better driving dynamics than it’s given credit for. I also have a soft spot for the X1, as it was the first ever BMW I drove on a press launch and, during that drive, I went off-roading with it in Mexico, which was one hell of an experience. So I’m excited about the new X1 and I’m not afraid to admit it. Fight me, purists.

In this new render (see it here), we get to see the next-gen BMW X1 rendered with some of the design cues we’ve been able to spot from spy photos. The result is a surprisingly handsome little crossover that, if the production car were to look like this, would sell like crazy. It would also be one of BMW’s best looking SUVs right out of the gate.

Photo provided by instagram.com/wilcoblok

The kidney grilles are large but not overly so, at least not anymore, and they’re sharp and sporty looking. Likewise, the headlights are sharp and aggressive, giving the rendered X1 a sportier look than the current car. This render also gives the BMW X1 slightly flared fender flares, which look great, and a sharply creased shoulder line. Underneath that shoulder line lie its flush door handles, which seem to be migrating to every new BMW.

On the whole, this BMW X1 render looks really good and I do hope that it’s accurate. If the X1 ends up looking similar to this, it will be an instant hit with customers and rightfully so. Sweetening the deal is the fact that there’s going to be a BMW X1 M35i in the future, marking the first M Performance X1. That should be a fun little daily driver.

[Source: Motor1]