Our buddy Joe Achilles recently made an interesting vehicular choice, by trading in his BMW M3 Competition — a car that he only owned for less than a year — for… another M3. However, the new car is actually a BMW M3 xDrive, the first-ever all-wheel drive M3. It’s an unusual move for a car enthusiast that prefers rear-wheel drive. We discussed his decision, why he chose to trade in a very specially spec’d car so early into ownership (which you can check out here) but this video is more about the new car.

In this video, Achilles takes delivery of his new BMW M3 xDrive, and it will make you unboxing video fans happy. He gets to see his new car for the first time, take the cover off of it, peel the protective stickers off certain bits, and take it for a drive.

His BMW M3 xDrive is an interesting spec. It’s the first Dravit Gray BMW M3 we’ve seen yet and it’s a more interesting gray than you might initially think. At first glance, it has a typical charcoal gray first impression but they you realize that there’s more depth and sparkle to it. Inside, though, he went with Fiona Red leather interior and it’s an awesome color combo. The bright, vibrant red leather contrasts the dark gray so well. Though, I’m a sucker for silver/gray cars with red interiors.

The BMW M3 xDrive isn’t much different from the standard Competition model. Both have the exact same powertrain; a 3.0 liter twin-turbo I6 making 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, paired with an eight-speed auto. However, rather than being just rear-wheel drive, the M3 xDrive has an all-wheel drive system that can switch to rear-wheel drive, much like the M5. That small change makes a big difference, though, as the M3 xDrive is significantly faster than the standard car.

I’m sure Achilles will have several more videos about his M3 xDrive and how it differs from his previous rear-drive car. So if you’re in the market for an M3 and are unsure of which to get, this video — and all subsequent videos from Joe about his M3 — will help your decision.