Joe Achilles is to our BMWBLOG Podcast what Alec Baldwin is to Saturday Night Live — he has the most guest appearances. For good reason, too. Achilles is constantly putting out good BMW-related content and always has interesting takes on both BMWs and their competitors. Recently, he decided to trade in his very new BMW M3 Competition for an M3 Competition xDrive. And as a mostly rear-wheel drive-purist, this seemed odd for him. So we had to have him on to discuss it.

His M3 Competition was barely a year old but he put a ton of miles on it, taking it all over the UK, to track days, and even on a tour to Spain. Achilles used his M3 Competition more in a year than most customers will during their entire ownership with the car. He also put more miles on that car than most YouTubers put on their cars combined. And yet it was still worth so much that he was able to trade it in for the xDrive model at a price that made too much sense to pass up.

He also took the opportunity to spec his new car differently. His M3 Comp spec was one of the nicest M3 Competition’s we’ve seen. Now, his M3 xDrive is going to be one of the more uniquely spec’d M3s on the road in the UK. Achilles shares our opinion that the M3 xDrive, oddly enough, is actually the better car of the two. So it will be interesting to see how he gets along with it over the course of ownership.

We also spoke about the BMW M240i, a car that we all seem to like. Achilles has owned his fair share of M Performance cars, or “M-Lites” as they’re often called in the UK, so he knows a good one when he sees it. Lastly, we had to talk about EVs. Achilles isn’t the biggest fan of EVs, so it was fun to share our thoughts and break down the future of electric performance.

It was a fun episode and it’s always great to talk to Joe. Hopefully we can have him on in the future, so he can keep his title alive as our longest running guest. As always, the podcast can be found anywhere you get your podcasts; Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher, as well as YouTube, and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel to catch all the latest BMW-related videos! Check it out.