There seems to be a growing appreciation for less powerful 2 Series Coupe models, such as the BMW 220i seen in this new photo gallery from BMW of South Africa. The general consensus is that the less expensive, four-cylinder 2er Coupes are lighter at the nose and a bit more fun to drive hard than the bigger six-cylinder models because of it. Another reason why fans are beginning to appreciate them more and more is the fact that they pretty much look the same as the M240i M Performance model but for less money.

In this new gallery, you get to see the BMW 220i Coupe in Mineral White and it looks surprisingly good. There’s an old saying that if a car looks good in white, it’s a well designed car. Reason being is that there’s nowhere to hide; every crease, line, shape, and curve is on display. While the new 2 Series Coupe isn’t the most beloved design in BMW’s lineup, I personally am starting to really like it and I think more and more enthusiasts are warming to it as well.

In Mineral White, it’s clean and crisp. It’s also complimented by sportier wheels and black “Shadowline” trim, which gives it a modern, aggressive look.

Admittedly, if it were my choice, I’d never go with Mineral White, simply because Thundernight Metallic purple is available and it’s the best color BMW makes at the moment. However, I wouldn’t raise my nose at any Mineral White 2 Series because it does look good.

The BMW 220i Coupe is the entry-level petrol-powered 2 Series in South Africa, using a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder to make 184 horsepower. It only gets an eight-speed ZF automatic and powers the rear-wheels. That might not sound like a recipe for fun but you might be surprised, as the 220i Coupe is still quick to turn in, has excellent chassis balance, and is still rear-wheel drive. On a budget, the BMW 220i Coupe is a fun, efficient, sporty looking little coupe that should make any enthusiast owner happy.

[Photos: BMW of South Africa]