Sometimes people tend to forget some rather important details about the Nurburgring. The famous Green Hell is adored by millions of gearheads around the world for its incredible layout and numerous turns but there’s more to it than just a challenging course. The Nurburgring Nordschelife is actually a German highway from a legal standpoint and it’s also been built in the Eifel mountains.

So it’s not unusual to see animals roam freely around the track and, from time to time, on the track as well. Since the Ring is quite long, with a total track distance of over 28 km (17.3 miles), going around it is a tedious task. Therefore, the squirrel you’re about to see, probably being in a terrible hurry, decided to simply go across the track to get where it needed to go. Unfortunately for it, this little adventure could’ve cost it its life.

Just as our brave hero starts heading to its destination, a BMW M235i Racing comes out of nowhere and nearly takes it out, the poor squirrel even having to retract its tail in a hurry, to make sure nothing happens to it. This is basically as close as it can get. Luckily no harm came to the little critter as the driver of the BMW was quite quick on the trigger and slowed down considerably to avoid it.

As a matter of fact, if you look closely, you can actually see the car doing a little dance as it struggles to slow down, under hard braking. Fortunately, it worked, and the little brave squirrel got to go home to its family that day, with a new story to share.

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