This upcoming generation BMW M2 is obviously built off of the current 2 Series platform, with the M240i as its closest sibling. However, at least in terms of design, the proper M Division product is going to be quite a bit different than its lesser M Performance sibling. In some new spy photos, you can see some of the main visual differences between the two cars. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

These new photos show off the upcoming BMW M2 doing some camouflaged testing, right alongside a BMW M240i. Having both cars right next to each other allows us to spot the visual differences between both cars more clearly than if we were to make photo comparisons ourselves.

Naturally, the BMW M2 looks lower, as it will have lower suspension than its M Performance sibling. It also features a lower front lip, which visually lowers the front end even further. That, along with more aggressive air intakes, gives the M2 a more menacing presence.

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Its grilles are different, too. The BMW M240i has among the best kidney grilles of any BMW on sale at the moment but the designers in Garching decided to change them, squaring them off a bit and making them smaller. Rather than keeping the vertical active aero slats in the kidneys, the M Division opted for horizontal slats, likely to keep a familial link to the BMW M3 and M4.

Moving toward the back of the car, you can see just how much more aggressive the M2’s rear fenders are. As with all M cars, its rear fenders are swollen, to accommodate a wider wheel-track, while also making it look more aggressive. When looking at both the M2 and M240i next to each other, the difference in rear fender is drastic.

It will be interesting to see how fans react to the design of the kidney grilles but, on the whole, the BMW M2 is looking pretty good. It’s low, muscular, and aggressive, as all M cars should be. Now we just need to wait for BMW to pull the wrapping off.

[Source: Motor1]