The latest BMW/artist collaboration, the BMW 8 X JEFF KOONS, was just finally revealed, showing off Koons’ second collaboration with the brand. This time, though, it’s not a one-off race car to be used on track and then stuffed in a museum. Instead, customers will be able to buy the BMW 8 X JEFF KOONS, register it, insure it, and drive it on the road.

In these new live photos, we get an up close look at the Koons-painted 8 Series Gran Coupe, which might give some potential customers an idea of what it will be like. Personally, I can’t get enough of the BMW 8 X JEFF KOONS, as it gives off such a fun comic book vibe that I really love. Which is why I love this photo gallery.

Jeff Koons’ design is incredibly complex, requiring eleven different paint layers and hundreds of hours to complete. Which is why seeing it in stock photos doesn’t do it justice. Seeing it in photos such as these allow you to get as close as you ever will be to it, without actually being there.

The colors of the car were partially inspired by Koons’ other work with BMW, an E92 M3 GT2 racer. However, it also has a “Pop!” sign and vapor trails, just like comic books and old-school cartoons, which give it a far more interesting look. Inside, the red and blue motif evoke images of Superman, continuing the comic book phase.

So far, there have been three of these BMW/artist collaboration; the M2 Competition by Future 2000, the M4 Competition by Fieg, and now this. Among the three, not only is the BMW 8 X JEFFO KOONS the most complex but it’s also the best looking, in my opinion.

If you want one, BMW is still taking reservations. The car’s sales are limited to just 99 units and it costs $350,000. However, it’s also a rolling piece of art that be put on display in public, all over the place.

[Photos: Credit BMW and enes_kucevic_photography]