If you haven’t made up your mind about how to spec an M240i, this Toronto dealer in Canada might help. Denver, a client advisor at Parkview BMW, put together an ensemble of four M Performance coupes featuring significantly different features and options. Colors include the special Thundernight Metallic joined by Alpine White and Black Sapphire.

A customer car, the purple M240i has glossy black accents and 19-inch M wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4s. It boasts upgraded front brakes with blue calipers, an optional sunroof, a surround-view camera, and a fully digital instrument cluster. The interior is finished in black Sensatec with aluminum trim and M colors on the seatbelts.

The white M240i is the dealer’s test drive car with Cerium Gray accents, standard headlights, and smaller 18-inch wheels with normal brakes. As for the cabin, Parkview BMW ordered it in just about the same spec as the client’s Thundernight Metallic coupe, but with a head-up display.

The murdered-out M240i with its black Vernasca leather and blue contrast stitching would be our pick of the litter. The nicely configured sinister little coupe has the 16-speaker Harman Kardon sound system with extra speakers behind the rear headrests.

Denver’s own daily driver is also an Alpine White, but with an M motif courtesy of an aftermarket body wrap. We do like its Tacora Red cabin the most, but the exterior is honestly a bit flashy for our tastes.

All four share the xDrive system as BMW is currently selling the M240i exclusively with all-wheel drive. However, a cheaper tail-happy version will follow, but it still won’t have a manual gearbox. How much will it cost? The RWD sports coupe will undercut the $48,550 all-paw model while being more expensive than the base $36,350 230i.

It’s only a matter of time before the M240i will lose the flagship status since the hotly anticipated M2 is coming out later this year.

[Source: Denver BMW / YouTube]