Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) is the latest trend or buzzword. So naturally, everyone jumps at the opportunity to ride this wave. Whether NFTs are the future or not, it’s another topic for some other time, but a subsidiary of BMW is embarking into a blockchain journey as well. Created by Serviceplan Middle East, BMW launched an NFT campaign dubbed “Museum of Sounds” which will see 19 recordings of BMW M engines minted and added into its Museum. The sound of BMW M engines were recorded on location at Dubai Autodrome Club circuit, in cooperation with various BMW M owners.

Those of you who might have skipped the crypto world news, an NFT (short for Non-fungible tokens), in the simplest terms, transform digital works of art and other collectibles into unique, verifiable digital assets available on the blockchain. NFTs are not mutually interchangeable, so no two NFT assets are the same.

“A BMW M engine sound is something so unique that fans all over the world get goosebumps whenever they hear their roar,” commented Serviceplan Middle East creative director Andre Couto. “Museum of Sound came as an idea to immortalize these sounds and these feelings so the future generations can appreciate these masterpieces as unique NFTs that we gave to the most valuable BMW M fans, the owners.”

DTM champion Bruno Spengler was also on site driving the pace car rigged with high-fidelity mics. The sounds were each then turned into an art series using a data-visualizer before being minted and turned into unique NFTs.  “We converted the vehicle’s audio recordings to bend the sound wave into an abstract reactive art giving a unique visual experience and these were preserved as one of [a kind] ethically-created NFTs,” explained Kenneth Barnes, senior art director for Serviceplan Middle East.

This is likely just the beginning of the NFT journey for BMW. We expect future models to come with an NFT attached to them so owners could own both the physical and digital asset of their car. Or, new BMW art cars or collaborations could become all digital through NFTs. So instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a special edition BMW, you could essentially own the digital version of it for far less.


[Source: AdWeek]