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You can turn the sound of BMW M engines into NFTs

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) is the latest trend or buzzword. So naturally, everyone jumps at the opportunity to ride this wave. Whether NFTs are the future or not, it’s another topic for some other time, but…

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BMW is working on new combustion engines

While BMW is doubling down on its electrification plans, the combustion-powered car segment remains a priority for the Munich-based automaker. In 2025, BMW Group will introduce a brand-new, electric-centric platform named the Neue Klasse, or…

BMW B58 Engine 1 830x553

Is the B58 Engine BMW’s Best Engine Ever?

I can feel metaphorical pitchforks being thrown at me as we speak. Yes, I really just suggested that BMW’s B58 engine — and engine that comes in the entry level BMW X5 in America —…

Video: AirCar is a BMW-powered flying car and it just completed its first inner-city flight

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Guide: BMW Engine Codes Naming Convention

For decades, BMW has used a unique naming convention for their BMW engines, which can be quite confusing to non-BMW insiders. BMW labels codes their engines under the B, M, N, P or S. In…