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BMW B58 Engine 1 830x553

BMW is working on new combustion engines

While BMW is doubling down on its electrification plans, the combustion-powered car segment remains a priority for the Munich-based automaker. In 2025, BMW Group will introduce a brand-new, electric-centric platform named the Neue Klasse, or…

BMW B58 Engine 1 830x553

Is the B58 Engine BMW’s Best Engine Ever?

I can feel metaphorical pitchforks being thrown at me as we speak. Yes, I really just suggested that BMW’s B58 engine — and engine that comes in the entry level BMW X5 in America —…

BMW S85 engine: Uncovering the secrets of company’s one-and-only V10

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Guide: BMW Engine Codes Naming Convention

For decades, BMW has used a unique naming convention for their BMW engines, which can be quite confusing to non-BMW insiders. BMW labels codes their engines under the B, M, N, P or S. In…