The folks at at Sugar Design are known for pushing the envelope with their renderings. Instead of solely focusing on confirmed, or semi-confirmed BMWs, they sometimes go off track and create some unique rendered images. The one today makes no exception and it is absolutely stunning. Below you can find an imaginary BMW M4 Shooting Brake with sleek shapes and practicality included. Shooting brakes are interesting cars, because they combine sleek, two-door styling with hatchback practicality. Shooting brake enthusiasts are far out on the fringe of the car enthusiast world, with very few enthusiasts actually buying such cars, but those that do buy them love them.

Take the Ferrari FF and subsequent GT4 Lusso, for examples. Those two cars are absolutely awesome, with monster V12 engines, supercar performance, stunning Italian looks, and hatchback performance. Now take that recipe modify for the BMW M4. That’s what you see in this render. But unfortunately, it’s an imagination exercise since, from what we know, BMW has no plans to build a shooting brake anytime soon.

Aside from the gorgeous roofline and the nicely designed boot, this BMW M4 Shooting Brake also stands out with the BMW logos on the rear side panels. And for some reason, the oversized kidney grille seems to work better in this design, matching the tapered look. Now add to this 503 horsepower inline-six and all wheel drive, and you can have the best daily driver possible. Plus, it’d be like a Ferrari GT4 Lusso for a quarter of the price.

BMW hasn’t had a shooting brake-like car since the BMW Z3, also known as the “Clown shoe”. The car was in production in the. late 1990s and it even came in an M variant which today is one of the most desirables BMWs on the classic cars market. The BMW M Coupe was the perfect combination between sports car looks and performance, and hatchback practicality.