We were fortunate enough to spend some time with the new BMW M3 and M4 in Palm Beach, Florida a little while back. While there, BMW of course had previous-generations of M3 and M4 on hand, as always. The opportunity to really look at this new G82 BMW M4 side-by-side with the outgoing F82 BMW M4 isn’t likely going to present itself again, so we took advantage of it and put this little video together for you.

In this video, you can see a Sao Paulo Yellow G82 BMW M4 and an Austin Yellow F82 BMW M4 side-by-side. The first thing you notice is the shocking difference in color. When the F82 M4 debuted with its vibrant Austin Yellow, it seemed like the most outlandish color in the world. However, next to the Sao Paulo Yellow of the new M4, the old Austin Yellow looks downright reserved. The new yellow will sear unsuspecting retinas.

Then you notice the front ends. We won’t comment on which is better looking, as that’s been discussed ad nauseam at this point. However, it’s clear that the new M4 is far more aggressive than the old one. Its grille is much larger, its headlights are sharper and its front air intakes feature sharper lines. There are even subtle hood bulges above the kidney grilles on the new car. The old F82 M4, by comparison, is far calmer and more restrained.

At the back, though, it’s almost the opposite. The F82 features big, bulging taillights and chunkier features, while the G82 BMW M4 is sleeker, calmer and more modern. It’s odd to see the G82 with such an outlandish front end but such a calm back end.

Deciding which one is better looking is entire subjective, so we’ll leave that to you. However, we think the fact that the new G82 BMW M4 is more aggressive looking than the old F82 BMW M4 is pretty cut and dried.