Let’s take a short break from our ongoing CES coverage from Las Vegas and focus on something other than the paint-changing iX and its M60 performance version. We are still going to talk about a fully electric M car, but something with far more style – the i4 M50. The first M car without a combustion engine has already shown its performance chops in a few drag races, and this latest video demonstrates it’s a tossable EV machine.

How is it possible for an xDrive-equipped car to be so tail-happy? While there’s no switchable RWD mode like you get with an M5, the electric gran coupe does have a rear-biased AWD setup by default. The electronic rear differential with its torque-vectoring capabilities enhances the feeling of a “real” BMW. Turning off the dynamic stability control makes the i4 M50 even more eager to be trashed around while being pushed hard through corners.

There are no shenanigans here to aid drifting, like using a wet surface. The talented lady from “MadMotor Channel” on YouTube knows her stuff and she isn’t afraid to give this China-spec i4 M50 the proverbial beans. We can also briefly see the speedy electric M car with launch control activated for an acceleration test while pumping futuristic artificial sounds through its speakers.

Yes, the BMW i4 M50 is a bit of a porker given its hefty weight of 2,290 kilograms (5,048 pounds). Nevertheless, despite being rather obese, the high-performance 4 Series Gran Coupe with no combustion engine appears to be quite agile in the right hands. After all, the gasoline-fueled M3 with xDrive is not exactly a Mazda MX-5 Miata either, tipping the scales at 1,780 kg (3,924 lbs).

We do feel sorry for those poor tires mounted in the back, which seem to be covering the smaller 19-inch wheels rather than the 20-inch set. They’re better for efficiency compared to the larger alloys, but it’s safe to assume that was hardly a priority that day for the skilled driver…

[Source: MadMotor Channel / YouTube]