It looks like BMW wants to add some snazzy artwork to the cabin of its iX SUV. BMW collaborated with Chinese artist Cao Fei to create the Digital Art Mode for the cabin of the BMW iX, a first for BMW. Cao Fei was the artist behind the 18th BMW Art Car M6 GT3, back in 2017, so she has a history with the brand.

The BMW Digital Art Mode is essentially a mode that displays customized art, designed by Fei, in the main driver’s display and the iDrive screen. The first artwork to be displayed is called the “Quantum Garden”and it consists of digital galaxies; light beams, dots, and colors; and nebulas moving toward and away from each other. It’s designed to represent the invisible connections we have with one another.

“2017 was a spectacular year, a time when humanity embraced the advent of artificial intelligence. During this time, I employed augmented reality to create the 18th BMW Art Car, a car with an aura of its own, enhanced by new technologies. 2021 was a difficult and special year. While humanity was stuck and helpless, the world has been moving determinedly into the metaverse, the age of virtual immersion. This is the very moment when I was once again invited to participate in BMW1s groundbreaking Digital Art Mode,” said Cao Fei.

“My work ‘Quantum Garden’ gives the BMW driver the chance to experience the ever-changing digital landscapes of a multifaceted universe in a screen world, where abstract poetry and sensory pixels intersect. Its network of open-ended spectra are connecting our hearts to the call of goodwill from the depths of the universe.”

The Digital Art Mode will be a customizable feature for the main curved display of the BMW iX. However, it will also come to select other models in the future and will even be available as a downloadable option for existing cars that don’t have it.

Rolls-Royce made big headlines with the release of the Phantom because it had artwork displayed in the dashboard. While this new digital art isn’t as impressive as the physical artwork integrated into the dash of a Rolls, it’s the next best thing.