It certainly has been a long time since we last talked about a project from Zacoe as few will likely remember the widebody M2 Coupe from June 2018. The aftermarket shop has been keeping itself rather busy since then considering its current portfolio has basically all the latest M models, plus the M135i hot hatchback. Their more recent project is split into two packages, one for the M3 (G80) and the other for the M4 Coupe (G82).

They’ve taken a less is more approach by resisting the temptation of making the M duo overly aggressive as some of the other tuners are eager to do. Nevertheless, the prominent wing at the back does let you know immediately this isn’t your typical M3 or M4. Zacoe mentions it’s more than just for show since it has been conceived to bring real benefits in terms of aerodynamic by increasing the amount of downforce at the rear axle for better grip and stability. They also swapped out the trunk lid spoiler for a custom piece to better go along with the large wing.

Moving at the front, the two BMW M cars can be fitted with a spoiler lip made from carbon fiber that rises towards the corners of the bumper. Zacoe also modified the side skirts for a bit more visual impact without adding too much weight thanks to the carbon fiber construction of the extensions. We’d argue these add-ons serving essentially as a grounds effect kit go along quite well with the OEM carbon fiber roof

For two cars that were unveiled only a little over a year ago, it sure feels like we’ve been talking about custom M3s and M4s from the current generation for a long time. The BMW M division on its own has developed a series of optional M Performance upgrades to make the sporty sedan and coupe look even more aggressive. Perhaps the most striking option you can have is the center-mounted quad exhaust system that has created a lot of controversies.

With the M3 Touring (G81) finally coming in 2022, you can rest assured Zacoe and other tuners are anxious to get their hands on the belated speedy wagon.

[Source: Zacoe]