You know the end of the year is right around the corner when YouTube channels focused on the Nürburgring begin to come out with compilation videos. It’s a great opportunity to see BMWs from various decades tackling the grueling Green Hell not only in ideal conditions but also on rainy days. To put it politely, some drivers are more experienced than others, but let’s be honest here and admit there are a few who are downright dangerous behind the wheel.

The 15-minute footage was recorded throughout 2021 and includes some rather special appearances. For example, you can see a lovely second-generation 7 Series (E32) from the 2:11 mark on a soaking wet surface doing controlled drifts while a prototype of the hotly anticipated M3 Touring appears at 2:52. It’s an eclectic collection of BMWs, which includes a 3 Series (E30) with its exhaust scraping the tarmac at 8:26.

We also get to see a bit of tandem drifting, not to mention wagons being pushed to their limits on the 154 corners of the famous German race track. Some brave owners had the courage to bring their rear-wheel-drive BMWs even on a snowy day, and there are several purpose-built track machines driven by people who know what they are doing.

BMW itself might have something planned for 2022 as far as the Nordschleife is concerned taking into account decals applied onto M3 Touring prototypes have shown hints of the challenging circuit. It might’ve been the automaker’s not-so-subtle way of saying it will try and set a new production car record for a wagon. With next year being the 50th anniversary of the M division, it would be a great way to celebrate this milestone with the first-ever production M3 wagon.

But 2021 is not over yet, so sit back and enjoy the show provided by YouTuber statesidesupercars. If you’re patient enough to watch until near the end video, there’s a camouflaged prototype of the new M2 Coupe being pushed hard by a BMW test driver.

[Source: statesidesupercars / YouTube]