When it arrives in 2023, the BMW XM will not only be the most powerful productions series BMW, but also the most expensive one. At the introduction of the BMW CONCEPT XM, the luxury aspect of the new M SUV was mentioned quite a few times, so it’s not difficult to read between the lines: this new model will be quite pricey. Of course, BMW has yet to comment on the MSRP, especially since it varies greatly from market-to-market, but we probed some of our sources to get a ballpark.

One thing that we learned is that BMW M sees the new XM as a high-luxury product, well above what the X5 M and X6 M can offer in terms of luxury amenities, premium materials and features. Both of those models start at around $120,000 in the United States, but they can easily get into the $130,000 territory. The most expensive BMW today is the M760Li, the last mohican when it comes to a V12 engine under the hood. The BMW M760i starts at $157,800 in the United States. Clearly, the BMW XM will commend a higher premium, even above the current 7 Series flagship.

Even though BMW M was only ready to talk about a single XM model, we already suspect that two other variants will be available as well. Both are rumored to be powered by a plug-in hybrid based on a six-cylinder unit paired with two electric motors. The top XM model could bear the Competition badge on the boot and could be priced in the $180,000 range. If not higher. The European price is rumored to be around 180,000 euros, or higher, but a simple conversion doesn’t usually give us the North American price. The U.S.-based BMW models are always priced according to the local competition and price points within the BMW family.

Naturally, the entry-level XM models will be significantly cheaper, yet still above the X5 M and X6 M prices. The potential competitors are either within the same range, or in many cases, higher. For example, one potential competitor is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, a plug-in hybrid which kicks off at $165,300. Moving up the price scale a bit and you will find an unlikely competitor: Bentley Bentayga Speed. But this one is priced at $245,000 and, arguably, plays in a different league.

Lastly, you have the first-ever Lamborghini crossover – Urus- which starts at $222,004 and sharing a lot of design philosophies with the BMW XM. We believe those two will be often compared by journalists.

So without any further ado, what do you think should be the price for the BMW XM in the United States, but also in Western Europe?