The BMW XM Concept took a lot of people by surprise. Even though we’ve been giving out hints about its possible design, when it was finally presented, a lot of BMW fans were surprised by the bold approach. And of course, the social media accounts lit up. While this is just a concept version, the BMW XM production vehicle is said to be at least 90 percent close to the concept.

The guys from Kolesa wanted to try their hand at guessing its final design and put together some new renderings (you can see them here). As you can see, some shapes have been dulled down, to make the car’s design seem more down to earth than before. The front-end still holds that massive kidney grille in place, an element that will be borrowed by other cars in the future as well, according to BMW officials.

It also keeps the massive air intakes on the sides and the split headlight design which will, once again, be offered on a number of other applications too. Down the sides, the character lines have been toned down a little especially around the C-Pillar and roof, while round the back we get a different spoiler at the top of the tailgate, a slightly different rear bumper and the same slim tail lights.

Overall, it looks like this rendering could go into production next year. The BMW XM will be the most powerful car the German brand ever made once it makes its production debut, thanks to its V8 and electric motors on board. The new luxury SUV makes 750 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque in its most expensive model. It also gets 30 miles of electric range on EPA stats and 80 km of range on WLTP.