With a coupe-like sloping roofline, aggressive styling, and an illuminated grille, it’s safe to say the G06-generation BMW X6 is not your typical SUV even in its most basic form. That doesn’t necessarily mean tuners are avoiding the swoopy sports utility vehicle as we’ve seen our fair share of projects since the third-gen model was launched in 2019.

LARTE Design is the latest to take a crack at giving the Mercedes GLE Coupe a makeover, a wild one at that. Its aftermarket package consists of nine different elements that take a total of six hours to install. Just about every custom body part you see on this stealthy X6 is finished in carbon fiber, which has become the norm whenever a high-end vehicle visits a tuner’s shop.

Starting at the front, the coupe-SUV from Bavaria has been fitted with a bulging hood featuring side vents, along with a three-piece front splitter and a carbon fiber frame for the pair of kidneys. There’s more of that lightweight material for the side mirror caps, door skirts, and vent trim on the front fenders, while the back hosts upper and lower spoilers.

Speaking of the rear end, it undoubtedly represents the most striking angle of the modified X6. It has a carbon fiber panel sandwiched between the taillights, but what catches the attention the most are the stacked exhausts with two tips on each side of the bumper. We’ve recently seen this setup on the Concept XM where the finishers are more angular to match the plug-in hybrid SUV’s edgy design.

Yet another custom element is represented by the dual-piece LED brake light with vertical strips in the same vein as the fog lights used by Formula 1 cars. LART Design went as far as to remove the BMW badges to replace them with the company’s own logo, also visible right behind the front wheels on the air vent trim.

Overall, the X6 is more striking than the already bold OEM version and is tailored to those who want their cars to stand out even more than the standard model. BMW will have its own solution with the mean-looking XM arriving in 2022 as the company’s second standalone M product after the mid-engined M1 supercar.

[Source: LARTE Design]