Few imagined BMW would find a way to top the X6 M, but it did just that with the wild Concept XM unveiled yesterday and set to go into production in 2022. Meanwhile, the swoopy SUV in Competition guise took part in a couple of car events in Belgium where it caught the attention due to its safety car livery and some extra hardware. Aside from featuring a roof-mounted LED light bar and additional lights behind the kidney grille, the extravagant high-ridding Bimmer also had a siren.

There’s more to the X6 M Competition as it has been modified by Belgian tuner Power Plus Engineering to unlock a mighty 750 horsepower, which happens to be the same output delivered by the plug-in hybrid V8 of the new XM. Of course, there’s no electric motor in this coupe-SUV from Bavaria as it relies solely on its good ol’ twin-turbo 4.4-liter unit. For this application, it has been massaged to generate 975 Newton-meters (719 pound-feet), so only 25 Nm (18 lb-ft) shy of the XM’s mountain-moving torque.

The eight-cylinder mill sounds glorious courtesy of a quad-pipe aftermarket exhaust system from Akrapovic. The BMW X6 M Competition might be a bit too flashy for some tastes, but it’s rather restrained when compared to the provocative Concept XM currently making the rounds on the Internet. We used to think the X6 had a controversial design, especially when the original E71 model came out in 2008, but not so much anymore after seeing the first M dedicated model in 40 years.

Looking at the X6 and XM as well as the smaller X4 and X2 with their coupe-esque rooflines, it makes us contemplate how BMW’s SUV designs have dramatically changed since entering the segment 21 years ago with the first-generation X5 (E53). The X6 has been particularly popular among tuners eager to give the unconventionally shaped SUV an even more eccentric look, and this G06 example certainly fits that bill.

If you’re wondering who owns this Competition model, it belongs to Instagram user jlsx6m who also had a tricked-out X6 M from the previous generation, dressed in the M colors and disguised as a safety car.

[Source: ExoticCarspotters / YouTube]