When one talks about the MINI Cooper S, inevitably the go-kart driving experience is referenced. And yet, for some people, a car like this is just right for a meditation session. It’s the case of Masa, a Buddhist monk who’s in love with his little bundle of joy and takes inspiration from it and the world around it. The MINI brand as a whole might not be perceived as one for the cool of mind. When it was originally introduced, the small mini-car created specifically for city usage caused a shock wave in the industry, taking other car makers by surprise. It was incredibly popular in a time when resources were scarce and people were getting back to their lives, still recovering from the second World War. And yet, with the help of John Cooper, these cars were also turned into very fast pocket rockets.

The Cooper S has a long story behind it, most of it filled with gas fumes, excitement and raucous engine noise. For Masa though, all those things create a balance in his world. His car has been by his side for years and he has tuned it to be perfect for his needs. Don’t we all try to do that? According to him, life is all about balance and he must find it in his car as well. It’s no use to have one extremely good part of the car if everything else lags behind. The vice-versa is also applicable here, as if one part is just too bad, it will off-set the balance of the car.

And once he achieved this great balance between all the driving aspects of his car, taking a ride in it is relaxing, helping him forget about everything else. It’s kind-of similar to Buddhism training and it’s quite interesting to see how he creates certain connections, in the video below.