I love this current-gen G05 BMW X5. More specifically, I love the way it looks. It’s among the best looking luxury SUVs on the market and is probably BMW’s best looking SUV period. However, BMW has a penchant for slapping horrific grilles on otherwise good looking cars, so what if it did so again? This new render shows off what the next-gen BMW X5 might look like if it had the same front and rear ends as the newly released BMW XM. (We don’t own the render but it can be seen here)

This render shows off what the next-gen X5, likely a 2025 model year, might look like if BMW were to give it XM-inspired styling. To be completely honest, I actually don’t hate it. I don’t love it, either, and would prefer the current car the way it is. That said, the XM’s grille and headlights kinda work on the X5, actually. I even like the heavy hood creases, they give it a whiff of muscularity.

Out back, I don’t think the taillights work as well, as the wraparound lights look odd on the XM and they look odd here. Also the trapezoidal exhausts just look wrong on the back of the X5. In fairness to the X5, they look wrong on the XM Concept as well. However, I do really like the upward sweeping shoulder line. That looks good.

This render proves that most enthusiasts’ problems with the XM Concept — and all new big-grilled Bimmers for that matter — aren’t with the size of the features but with the execution. This BMW X5 render looks better than the XM Concept itself, while using essentially the same face. When applied cohesively, the XM’s giant grille and headlights actually look good.

However, the next-gen X5 isn’t likely to get the same styling as the XM. As we recently learned, BMW is going to keep big grille, split-headlight designs exclusive to ultra high-end models, such as the 7 Series, X7, and XM. Expect the X5 to not fall into that category and get a more traditional face. But if it does get at least XM-inspired looks, we known it’s possible it could look good.

[Source: Car Buzz]