3D Design recently released some exterior parts for the G05-generation BMW X5. However, after releasing those parts, customers wanted a bit more. Being the kind and generous company 3D Design is, more parts have arrived. If you want your BMW X5 to have a bit more visual pop, a bit of a sportier look, then check out these new 3D Design parts. You can now get a new lower front lip spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, and what 3D Design calls a “rear side garnish”. What’s that last bit, you ask? It’s sort of a little extension of the rear diffuser that wraps around the rear bumper. I just sort of completes the look of the rear diffuser and eliminates the contrast between it and the bumper at the bottom.

G01 BMW X5 3D Design 7 of 17 830x553

All of the 3D Design parts are, as always, carbon fiber and look great. They’re subtle — very subtle, in fact — but they add just that little bit of extra edge that can make an X5 stand out among the sea of suburbanite lease-specials. The G05 BMW X5 is a subtle, handsome, sophisticated car to begin with, so adding a bit of carbon fiber makes it look more special than your neighbor’s diesel X5 family hauler.

You have to have the X5’s M Sport package equipped for these parts, though. They’re only designed to be added to M Sport bumpers. If your X5 lacks the M Sport package, these 3D Design parts won’t line up right and therefor won’t fit. So don’t buy them until you’re sure your car has the M Sport package equipped. M Performance models, such as the X5 M50i and M50d, already have such bumpers, so you needn’t worry if you own one of those. But any non-M Performance X5 can get these parts with the right package already installed.