The G82 BMW M4 is one aggressive looking car. From its massive kidney grilles, to the bulges in its hood, to is massive wheels, it’s immediately clear that the M4 means business. However, if it just isn’t disco enough for you, there’s always the aftermarket. You don’t want just any aftermarket parts for your very expensive BMW M4, though, you want good ones and it’s hard to find better aftermarket exterior upgrades than from 3D Design. This new exterior styling/tuning package from 3D Design brings makes the BMW M4 a bit more stylish but it actually also mellows it out a bit, in a good way, especially with these wheels. While it’s still aggressive and sporty, it looks more well-rounded now.

To be honest, there isn’t much available for the M4 just yet but the small tweaks make a big difference. Up front, a carbon fiber front lip spoiler gives the front end a sleeker, more premium look and feel. It also visually lowers the car, making it look sportier. While the wheels reduce the overall fussiness of the car’s design. They’re big, chunky five-spoke wheels that really work well with the M4.

As always, 3D Design didn’t stop on the outside, though. 3D Design’s classic aluminum pedals and shift paddles make a huge difference to the way the car feels as you drive it. If you want, the shift paddles are available in either carbon fiber or aluminum but it’s the latter that feels even better. Carbon fiber inserts in the steering wheel and upgraded floor mats help, too. There’s now even a lovely leather key pouch.

Under the hood, 3D Design offers a quick tune, which bumps power up to 585 PS (577 horsepower), as if the BMW M4 wasn’t fast enough already. To be honest, from my experience with the new M3 and M4, don’t add the extra power unless you have xDrive. Rear-drive cars would be too much of a handful.

If you’re looking to upgrade your BMW M4, it’s hard to look past this 3D Design tuning package. Not only does its subtle exterior upgrades make it look classier than before but its interior upgrades are tops and its added power is a nice bonus.