BMW M has just unveiled their first standalone product since the BMW M1 supercar. The BMW Concept XM previews the production XM model which will join the M lineup in 2023. Along with with a few world premieres for BMW – such as the first ever V8 plug-in hybrid – the BMW XM is also rumored to have a unique naming conventions.

Initially it was believed that BMW M will name their top model the X8M, a badge which would have made sense in the context of the other M SUVs. It’s unclear whether that name was on the table, or it was simply us, the journalists, who came up with the “easy” naming convention. But the final badge is “XM”.

The moniker makes sense from many points of view. Firstly, it follows the recent marketing strategy around top models in their family. Take for example the BMW iX which will be for a while the top electric SUV from Munich. Secondly, the BMW XM will usher the M division into a new era: the era of electrified high-performance cars. While the XM won’t be fully electric, it will feature the first ever plug-in hybrid drivetrain in an M product.

So naturally, the BMW XM will get some special model designations to go with the XM badge. According to sources, but unconfirmed by BMW, there will likely be three models part of the XM lineup which has a production lifecycle of five years. Now the kicker: the rumormill churns out three different model names as well.

The entry level model allegedly bears the name BMW XM Red Label, followed by a more powerful and expensive BMW XM Black Label. The top model is rumored to simply be called BMW XM Competition, yet another name which makes sense in the context of the other Competition M SUVs.

BMW could, of course, change the final names before its market launch in December 2022. But as of today, those badges are in play. Of course, they also make sense, considering that the BMW XM will position itself as a luxury SUV, so it needs a special name as well. Yet, until BMW confirms the naming convention, treat this as simply a rumor.