It may seem like a non-topic but the truth of the matter is, with the upcoming changes that are going to take place inside all the future BMW models, the video below will be of extremely high importance. BMW decided to get rid of a lot of the buttons inside its future cars. This is not a new thing, minimalism is apparently taking over in most new cars. However, that also means that the climate controls are moving in a different place. And that place is the massive screen on the dashboard.

Having driven the BMW iX recently, I had to get accustomed to the new layout as well. And it wasn’t as easy as I expected. The first thing that takes you by surprise is just how complicated the menu seems at first. You’re met with an overwhelming number of options, both for the driver and the passenger. That’s because the buttons for other functions have been included here too. Activating the seat warmers is done from the same menu, as is the activation of the heated steering wheel, and so on.


Sure, you can still change the fan speed, the temperature and other functions but, overall, the menu is a lot more complicated than expected. That’s why the video below caught our eye and we decided to share it with you. It’s not going to be useful just for BMW iX owners, but for all BMW owners from next year onwards, as most cars will get the new layout and iDrive 8 operating system in the future.

In it you get to learn all about the way it functions and one especially important thing: leave it to auto. The new HVAC system uses smart sensors that can detect if a certain area of the car gets more heat from direct exposure to the sun, or whether induction heating is more efficient in certain situations (provided your car is fitted with it). After doing some quick calculations, the car itself can decide what to do in order to keep you warm or cold, depending on the situation. All you have to do is choose the preferred temperature.