For this year’s SEMA 2021 show, PSI built a very special G80 BMW M3 and it’s one of the cooler M3 builds we’ve seen yet. It’s not only faster and more capable than a standard M3 but it’s also more practical. The build started out life as a standard BMW M3, not the Competition model. The standard M3 was chosen as the starting point due to its manual transmission. While that meant forgoing the Competition model’s 503 horsepower, PSI had plans to bump the power anyway. So the manual transmission was more important.

Next, the color scheme had to be right. Which is why PSI chose Isle of Man Green and a Kyalami Orange interior. It’s a color combo we’ve seen before and one that looks killer each and ever time we see it. Also, it makes for a unique car right from the factory. How many green performance sedans with manual transmissions and orange interiors do you see from the factory? PSI then swapped out the stock wheels for Rays GT090 Blast Black wheels, which are far better looking and also lighter. They’re slightly staggered, too; 20×11 out back and 20×10 up front. To get the perfect stance, Moton one-way adjustable coilovers were fitted, which are G80 M3-specific and provide great compromise between handling and comfort.

To increase the volume and improve the sound, an Akrapovic fully titanium exhaust system with carbon fiber tips was fitted. That should drastically improve the relatively generic six-cylinder engine sound of the G80 M3. A matching carbon fiber rear diffuser rounds out the look. In terms of visual changes, the PSI BMW M3 received a Vorsteiner front lip and rear spoiler, to give it some added aggression. Though, it’s not overly flashy. Jon Sibal designed the decals for the car, too.

Last but not least, PSI also fitted a roof box to the BMW M3. Not only does it look awesome but adds some practicality to the car as well. We won’t get the BMW M3 Touring here in the ‘States, so some M3 owners might really consider a roof box for some added storage.

Overall, this PSI-built G80 BMW M3 looks awesome and seems like a blast to drive. SEMA 2021 is currently underway and PSI will have more updates as the show continues.

[Photos: precision-sport]