The BMW iX is probably one of the most important models for the Bavarian brand of the last ten years, at the very least. After a very long wait, the car is finally here. Sort of… Reviews have been published but, if you want to actually buy and drive one, you still have to wait a while. US customers will get the first deliveries in March 2022, while European customers will get the first iX models in November.

Until then though, some people might actually want to make up their mind about the possibility of buying such a car. After all, it’s not exactly the cheapest BMW out there and spending this kind of money certain takes some mulling over. Well, if we’re to believe the guys from Carwow, you should just go right ahead and buy the BMW iX. Surprised? Maybe the video below will provide a couple more details into why the iX won the Carwow people over.

While the design won’t win over everyone — and the internet made that pretty clear from day one — there are so many other things to talk about when discussing the iX. From the interior and its remarkable quality, to the powertrain, suspension and performance, everything works in favor of the new electric SUV. The xDrive50 model Mat drove is the most powerful one you can get today and has the biggest battery. With that comes a claimed range of up to 600 kilometers on a single charge, but is that doable?

According to the results recorded by the car during Mat’s time with it, that range seems very much possible. He covered over 200 kilometers during his time with the car and ‘burned through’ 41 percent of the car’s battery. However, that was all done in test drive conditions, without taking it easy in any way while driving. Even so, by doing the math, it seems like the estimated range in these conditions would be around 544 kilometers which isn’t far off from the official claims.