The G80 BMW M3 isn’t exactly a design icon. Its funky grille, annoying abrupt rear wheel arches, and plethora of fake vents sort of ruin what is an originally good looking car (G20 3 Series). However, it’s not entirely without hope. Sure, there’s really no fixing that grille, nor can you fix the wheel arches. However, you can fit some new wheels, which do actually make a surprisingly big difference. These HRE S104SC wheels absolutely upgrade the look this funky new M3.

HRE’s S104SC wheels are two-piece FMR (Forged Monobloc Rim), meaning the barrel of the wheel is one forged piece and is paired to a forged center piece. These are much stiffer and stronger than a traditional three-piece wheel. All two-piece FMR wheels come with a choice of lip profile options; Angled Lip or Flange Lip. The wheels you see in these photos have the former.

Image courtesy of HRE Wheels

In these photos, you can see the finish on the wheels is almost perfectly matched to the Brooklyn Grey exterior paint of the G80 M3 Competition. The HRE finish is called Frozen Dark Clear and it looks great, with a real natural metal look that’s both sporty and sophisticated. HRE Wheels is known for having a near-infinite number of finish options and its Frozen Clear options are all pretty great.

The standard wheels you get on the G80 BMW M3 aren’t great. They’re not bad but there’s a bit ho-hum, not BMW’s best. Fitting these HRE S104SC two-piece wheels really adds some drama to the M3, without making it too flashy.

[Photos: HRE Wheels]