The BMW M440i is quite the expensive car, wearing a starting price that’s dangerously close to the BMW M4. Due to that high cost, most 4 Series customers opt for less expensive, more fuel efficient variants of the 4er. Which isn’t such a bad thing, as all 4 Series models are silky smooth and enjoyable to drive. However, they do lack some of the visual excitement of the M Performance model (along with the straight-six power). That’s where 3D Design comes in.

3D Design is one of the premiere BMW tuning companies in the world. Its carbon fiber aero pieces are some of the highest quality you’ll find and fit perfectly. There’s a reason why so many high-end tuning shops use 3D Design parts.

For the new 4 Series, 3D Design offers a new lower front lip, which extends quite a bit past the stock bumper and gives it a sportier look. New side skirts visually lower and wider the car, making it seem more aggressive and athletic. Quad exhausts and a carbon fiber rear diffuser round out the rest of the look, turning it from an elegant GT coupe into a sports car, at least visually.

You can also get 3D Design’s lowering kit, which drops the ride height 20mm, eliminating the pesky wheel gap that ruins the look of most modern cars. Furthermore, 20″ five-spoke wheels are also available, which add a more expensive look.

If you’re going to order any 3D Design parts, though, make sure you get the paddle shifters. BMW’s paddles are a bit “meh” but 3D Design’s aftermarket paddles are brilliant. They come in aluminum or carbon fiber (aluminum is the correct choice and I’ll break into fisticuffs with anyone who says otherwise) and are far nicer to use than the stock paddles.

The car in these photos is a BMW 420i, one of the entry-level 4 Series models, and it looks just as sporty and aggressive as the M440i. If you own a 420i, or any standard 4er, check out 3D Design’s catalog for some upgrades.