We now know that a BMW M4 CSL is officially in the works. Not only have we seen a test mule CSL roaming around in public but we were able to get some info from our sources. According to those sources, there will be two go-faster BMW M4 models; the CS and the CSL; but the latter is going to be the more extreme, more powerful, and more engaging. So let’s dig in.

For starters, the M4 CSL will drop some weight from the standard car, as all CSL models have done in the past. How much weight will be saved and exactly where it will be taken from is still an unknown at this time but expect a heavy dose of carbon fiber, a more stripped out interior, and maybe the removal of some sound insulation. The BMW M5 CS is likely a good point of reference. Obviously, power will be bumped as well. From what we’re hearing, expect 550 horsepower to be the minimum. We’re hearing 550-plus horses is likely but I wouldn’t expect much more than that. Between 550-560 horsepower seems like a likely bet.

Photo by www.instagram.com/wilcoblok/

Additionally, as far as we know, the BMW M4 CSL will only use an automatic transmission, the same eight-speed unit used in the standard M4 Competition. However, our understanding is that the door is left open for a manual transmission. It’s doubtful but it seems the folks in Munich haven’t completely written off a manual in the M4 CSL. Though, if I’m being brutally honest, automatic is the way to go, as the six-speed manual in the standard M3 isn’t great to use.

Thankfully, BMW fans can rejoice, as the M4 CSL will also be rear-wheel drive-only. The M4 Competition will soon be offered in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive but the high-performance CSL will only power its rear wheels. This is good news for the die-hard Bimmerphiles who don’t want the added complexity and weight of xDrive. It also means tail-happy antics will be constant.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a while to see it. The M4 CSL won’t hit the road until 2023. We’ll have more information on the M4 CSL’s weight savings, power, and transmissions soon enough. Stay tuned.

[Photos by www.instagram.com/wilcoblok/]