For awhile now, there have been spy photos of a different BMW M3 and M4 models featuring more aggressive aero than the stock cars. Fans have been curious about the cars’ nature, whether they were CS or even CSL models. These new spy photos show off yet another extra aggressive M4 but this time we know exactly what it is — the BMW M4 CSL. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)

We know it’s the BMW M4 CSL for one very specific reason — the ducktail spoiler. According to our sources, there will be two higher-performance M4 models; M4 CS and M4 CSL, the latter of which will have a ducktail spoiler, so that’s the giveaway. Being that this test mule has such a spoiler, it’s the BMW M4 CSL for sure.

There’s another interesting feature on this test mule that has us a bit perplexed. Inside the irradiated beaver-tooth grille is an insert that we’ve absolutely never seen before. It looks as if there are just two horizontal bars, one in the upper portion of the grille and one in the lower, and both have little “Y” shapes at their ends. We don’t know if that’s a finalized design but it has to at least be on BMW’s shortlist of designs, as it’s not like BMW is going to manufacture a grille insert it isn’t at least seriously considering.

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Due to just the two horizontal bars, there’s a ton of negative space in the grille, which we’re assuming BMW is going to claim is necessary for more engine cooling. Although, that seems a bit farfetched, due to so many other cars making similar, or higher, power outputs with smaller frontal openings. Personally, I feel as if it’s just a change in design direction for the CSL. Either way, I can hear the enthusiast complaints already.

We know the BMW M4 CSL is going to be lighter, faster, more aggressive, and sharper but we don’t know much more than that. However, being the first CSL model since the legendary E46 M3 CSL, you can’t bet your ass we’re dying to drive it, funky grille or not.

[Source: Autoblog]