Many of BMW’s current designs stray far from the brand’s heritage. Cars like the 7 Series, X7, 4 Series, M3, M4, i4, and even the new 2 Series all have funky designs that have caused some sort of controversy since their release. However, BMW fans will be happy to learn that the next-gen 5 Series will get a more tradition design, with normal sized kidney grilles.

According to our sources, the next-generation 5 Series will sport a far tamer design than most of the new Bavarian metal. Our sources say the next 5er will have a “normal” design.

What does “normal” mean? It means no large kidney grilles, quite elegant, simple in lines, and no split headlights. It will be a far more traditional BMW than its more modern siblings.

This is likely refreshing news for many BMW enthusiasts, as the outpouring of criticism for most new BMW designs hasn’t gone unnoticed in our comments section. Considering the 5 Series is one of the more beloved and bought cars in BMW’s portfolio, this news will affect a lot of customers.

We were also told that its interior would be very similar to the upcoming 7 Series. I know that’s not exactly helpful, as no one’s seen the new 7 Series interior just yet, but it’s nice to know that its cabin will move upscale a bit.

Interesting, we also learned that a BMW i5 is also coming in 2023 and it’s said to pack the same battery pack as the BMW i4 and iX. We don’t know how that will translate to a 5 Series, range-wise, as it will be a bit heavier than the i4 but lighter than the iX. However, it will likely have enough range to be competitive. Additionally we have no knowledge of its upcoming powertrain. If we were to guess, we’d say it will be similar to the i4, with a rear-wheel drive 350-ish horsepower model and an all-wheel drive 500-ish horsepower model.

What we do know, for sure though, is that the 5 Series will sport a more normal BMW design, potentially like this rendering. Thankfully.