The design of this upcoming BMW 7 Series is drawing some controversy and it hasn’t even been released yet. Most of the complaints stem from the fact that the 7er might get a split headlight design. There’s no official word on whether the next-gen 7 Series will get split headlights but it does seem that way, judging by previous spy photos. Not these ones, however, as these new photos feature a test mule covered in heavy camo.

Up front, we can see that the kidney grille is going to be large but it also looks tamer than the current car’s. It’s wider than it is tall, which is a good thing. The front end also seems to slope down quite low, which should give it a sportier look.

Flanking the grille are two headlights that are almost entirely covered in camouflage.  However, they do look little nondescript, which is unusual for a modern BMW. That leads us to think there will be a second section for each headlight, which features a more intricate design. We’ll see soon enough.

2023 bmw 7 series photos 01 830x553

As for the rest of the car, it looks boxier than before. While that could be the result of fake body panels, designed to throw off peeping Toms, it could just be that this new 7 Series gets a bit square. Flush door handles and what looks to be a more traditionally looking Hofmeister Kink round out the rest of the design, from what we can tell. This test mule is covered in so much camo, its design is almost completely hidden.

BMW will give the 7 Series an all-electric version but this test mule is not it. If it were, it’d have “Electric Test Vehicle” badges but it doesn’t so it isn’t. The next-gen 7 Series should be debuting sometime next year, so we have many more months to speculate about its design.