If there is one certain thing about the next generation BMW 7 Series is that it will be quite controversial. The current-gen 7 Series limousine started with a “safe” design, but the facelift brought a major design change: One of the largest kidney grilles ever on a BMW.

In 2023, the G70/G70 model will continue down the same path and will certainly ruffle some feathers. We’ve already seen a plethora of spy photos, accompanied by the usual renderings, and today, we have a new one to share. Courtesy of @kdesignag, we’re getting a new interpretation of the 7er, only in the electric form.

Rendering by instagram.com/kdesignag

Split headlights, a revised kidney grill even bigger in size, a more rectangular body shaping and some classic, BMW old-school design traits are on the menu for the new 7 Series family generation launching in 2023. There is also a reinterpreted engine bonnet, with a low-slung profile, short overhangs and an impressive visual length.

Rendering by instagram.com/kdesignag

The rear-end retains its upright shape with the boot incorporating some sleek and long taillights. The rear bumper drops the unnecessary exhaust pipes and focuses a more aerodynamic look. The side view shows aero wheels as well which are now a staple of most electric cars.

When the next-gen BMW 7 Series debuts, it’s going to need to bring a slick new design, along with a massively upgraded interior or it’s never going to compete with the new S-Class. The current car was behind the curve from the moment it debuted, so if the new one wants to compete, it’s going to need to be a big step up.

Yet, the interior is still a bit mysterious, but we do expect a large LCD screen, as seen in the iX, along with iDrive 8 and a simplified and minimalistic center console.

Rendering by instagram.com/kdesignag

The most eagerly awaited 7 Series models are the ones with all-electric powertrains. The list is opened up by the rear-driven i740 and continues with two range-topping xDrive versions: i750 and i7 M60, the last one being the formal successor to the mighty V12-powered M760i. The high-end electric 7 Series is rumored to have around 650 hp of peak output, a 120 kWh battery and promising a whooping 700 km range. We expect BMW to preview the next generation 7 Series sometimes in Spring 2022.

[Renderings by @kdesignag]