We’re currently in Los Angeles at the unveiling of the BMW iX and i4. It’s not our first time seeing the cars in person but it is the first time we’re able to take photos of the cars ourselves. During prior events, we weren’t allowed near the cars with our phones or cameras, so this is the first time we’re able to share our own experience with you readers.

The BMW iX xDrive50 looks so much better in person than it does in BMW’s press photos and these photos as well. It has great proportions, looks far more premium and interesting than something like a BMW X5, and seems both sporty and futuristic. Aside from the controversial front end, the BMW iX is one of the better BMW SUV designs in a long time.

Inside is where it’s at, though. The cabin of the iX is the best BMW has made in ages and potentially the best it’s ever made. Not only is it stylish and far more interesting than any other current BMW interior but its quality is on another level. Everything feels rich and premium, more so than in even something like the BMW X7. It’s just a lovely place to spend some time and I can’t see how many customers will choose the similarly priced X5 over the iX because of it.

Space by BMW in Los Angeles

We only had a chance to see the BMW iX xDrive50 in person, as BMW left the xDrive40 behind. Which is a bit disappointing because we wanted to see if the quality of the cabin is toned down in the less expensive model. Though, we really don’t expect it and are quite big fans of the iX interior.

Prices for the BMW iX are right in line with those of equivalent BMW X5 models and will pose an interesting proposition for X5 customers. The iX is not only newer, more interesting to look at, far better to sit in, but it’s also all-electric and should even handle better, all for about the same price. The iX could mark a massive shift in BMW’s clientele base and we can’t wait to see what happens.