One of the key elements to the excitement of the BMW M3 and M4 is their carbon fiber bucket seat option. The M Carbon Bucket Seats are not only the coolest looking seats ever fitted to a BMW product but they’re also the best seats BMW’s ever had for sporty driving. In fact, they might be the best seats I’ve ever used for sporty driving; perfectly supportive in all the right places but also adjustable and comfortable enough. Those seats made their way to the BMW M5 CS as well, proving they work in larger cars, too. Now, we’re also seeing that they work in the BMW M8.

A BMW salesman, and a reader of our sister site BimmerToday, recently sent us some photos of the M Carbon Bucket Seats in a BMW M8 Coupe. Until now, we weren’t aware that those seats were available in anything other than the M3, M4, and M5 CS. However, the BMW M8 in these photos is also fitted with a BMW Individual interior. Rather than the black and red color scheme of the M5 CS, or the several different sport colors offered in the M3 and M4, this M8 Coupe wraps its carbon buckets in Ivory White Individual Merino leather.

It’s honestly a bit striking to see the carbon bucket seats in such a color. You typically don’t see hyper aggressive sport seats wrapped in luxurious leather, especially ivory white leather. It’s a bit incongruous but that’s what the customer wanted. The rest of the interior uses the same Ivory White Merino leather in combination with Tartufo Merino leather, which makes the entire cabin feel very luxurious and opulent. Not exactly the typical environment for bucket seats that have removable headrest cushions for when the driver wears a racing helmet.

Still, it’s very cool to see these new seats being used in something other than the aforementioned cars. It will be interesting to see if BMW offers them on other cars, even as just an Individual option for interested customers. Having used them extensively now, I can honestly say they make the experience of driving and living with a sports car significantly more fun. They’re not the most comfortable of seats, which is why they might not work in something like the M8, but they make the experience more interesting and exciting.

[Images by @possinio @stefano.506] [Source: BimmerToday]