The BMW M5 CS is getting praised quite a lot these days. Everyone seems to love it, despite being quite expensive. But can the special edition BMW keep up with one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world on a drag strip? When the Porsche Taycan came out and, consequently, the Turbo S version, the world stopped for a moment. This was the first fully electric Porsche put on sale and mass production and it had to deliver. When it managed to beat the Tesla Model S in a straight line, an even bigger pause followed, as that was believed to be quite impossible for a while. But if we’re to compared the M5 CS with it, could the ICE model keep up?

The answer lies in the video below, featuring the two cars and an additional BMW, an X6 M tuned to no less than 850 HP. That’s right, the M5 CS, with its 635 HP is the least powerful car here, by quite a margin. However, the fact that it is also the lightest could come in handy, especially compared to the Taycan that’s the heaviest, unsurprisingly. Those batteries are definitely not lightweight, and the Porsche tips the scale at 2,300 kilos.

Runner up in this weight competition is the X6 M, with a total weight of 2,295 kilos. By comparison, the M5 CS feels like a featherweight, at just 1,825 kg. Will that power to weight ratio be enough? Well, it depends on the driver mostly. As you’re about to see, these cars are so evenly matched, most of the time the winner goes down to the reaction time of the man behind the wheel. One thing is definitely impressive though: in the standing start runs, the M5 CS can keep up with the Taycan Turbo S!