The guys from G-Power have a certain trademark when it comes to their projects. They are wildly known for their outrageous levels of power and the incredible performance they can squeeze out of an engine. They used to make engine swaps that would boggle the mind and supercharge other mills into oblivion, including the majestic S85. Now, they are adapting to the new, turbocharged world we live in, and their latest project is the G5M Hurricane RS.

This is, as you would expect, a heavily modified version of the BMW F90 M5. The tuner has been hard at work trying to squeeze every bit of performance available from under the hood and, as you can see, it probably took a few years to develop.

As the video points out, there are several upgrades done to the car, on the outside at least. The G5M Hurricane RS comes with an impressive G-Power Venturi Carbon bonnet, an extra carbon fiber lip on the boot lid and new G-Power wheels among other things. Under the sheet metal, the technical modifications are a bit more complicated. The car got new downpipes, new turbos, a new exhaust system and a new ECU map, of course.

The end result shows incredible numbers. The dyno run puts the G-Power G5M Hurricane RS in line with supercars. According to the readout, the engine is making 853 HP now along with 1,182 Nm of torque. Just unbelievable figures! Out of those, about 700 HP could be measured at the wheels, making this an incredibly powerful sedan for those looking for ludicrous amounts of power and eye-watering speeds. Now we’d like to see it on the road and do some runs.