How much are you willing to spend on a car that you think is perfect? If a car is a rare spec, one that you’ve personally always wanted but isn’t necessarily more valuable, are you willing to overspend to get it? Apparently, one Car Throttle staffer had the dilemma of having to decided if this very specific E46 BMW M3 — his perfect, dream E46 M3 — was worth overspending for. Admittedly, it’s a pretty cool E46.

Car Throttle’s Edwin Klinkenburg had been searching for a very specific E46 BMW M3 years. He wanted an Oxford Green II E46 M3 Coupe with either the Cinnamon or M Texture interior. That might not sound that specific but a deeper dive shows that only 42 such E46 M3 Coupes were delivered in right hand drive in the UK. Who knows how many still exist, as some may have been crashed, some may have been worn beyond repair, and some might have been sold out of country. So Klinkenburg’s search lasted a long time, without any luck.

Until late one night when he found one. It was quite literally his perfect spec, in great condition, with good enough miles. There was only one issue: the seller was asking quite a bit above the E46 M3’s value for it. That’s a tough position to be in because it’s difficult to put a number on how much you specifically value a car, especially one you’ve been chasing for years. Is paying that extra money worth owning what you think is the perfect car? That satisfaction might absolutely be worth the price premium, depending on how you feel about it.

I won’t spoil what happens next because it’s a great read, one that’s worth your time, and one that reminds us of why we love cars. So go check it out and let us know if you’d be willing to overspend for a car as perfect for you as the one Klinkenburg found was for him.

[Source: Car Throttle]