Now that the standard BMW 2 Series has been revealed and its design is public knowledge, it’s interesting to think that the BMW M2 based on it might have a different interior. Especially when you look at the cabins of the G80 M3 and G82 M4, which are essentially carbon copies of the 3 Series and 4 Series, just with cooler seats. However, these new spy photos suggest that the G87 BMW M2 will differ quite a bit from the standard 2 Series. (We don’t own the photos but you can see them here)

In these new photos, you can clearly see the G87’s dashboard and steering wheel, showing off a BMW iX-style instrument panel and iDrive. Instead of the regular 2 Series’ setup, which uses BMW’s ubiquitous Live Cockpit Professional/iDrive 7 setup, this new BMW M2 seems to get the iX’s updated instrument panel and iDrive 8. Also like the BMW iX, the M2’s screens are connected, making one giant screen on the dash.

For anyone wondering if this is a regular 2 Series LCI or something of that nature, the little red mouse-ear “M1” and “M2” buttons on the steering wheel tell us that it’s an M2. Also, the accompanied exterior shots show off a car with M3 wheels and quad exhausts.

Regular 2 Series Interior for Reference

At the moment, it’s unclear if the BMW M2 will get the same sort of floating design for its screens, like the iX does, or if they’ll be integrated into the dash more. It’s also unclear why the M2 will have such a drastically different setup than the 2 Series, as that’s quite uncommon for BMW.

Another question these photos raise is, when the BMW M2 finally arrives, will the 2 Series be updated to match the M2’s interior? Being that M cars always arrive a year or two after the standard car on which they’re based, could the 2 Series get an early LCI to match the M2, or even just an interior update? We don’t have the answer right now but we’re going to keep our ear to the ground to see if we can get anymore information. This is a bit of an unusual move for BMW but it should be a good one, as the M2 will get the latest tech available, which could then be given to the 2 Series sooner than later.

[Source: Car Scoops]